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Hiring Manager Satisfaction

To calculate average hiring manager satisfaction, divide the number of satisfied hiring managers in a certain period (those having mostly E and M survey responses) by the total number of hiring managers and multiply the result by 100%.
Hiring Manager Satisfaction formula
result =

More about Hiring Manager Satisfaction

How often to calculate: quarterly or annually.

Healthy rate: 80%.

Hiring manager satisfaction measures the share of managers satisfied with the hiring process and the quality of candidates. Hiring manager satisfaction measurement requires preliminary preparation. It would be best if you determined the preferences of hiring managers before recruiting (like language proficiency, ability to work in a team, leadership, creativity, etc.).

Then make a survey for hiring managers after the candidate’s probation period using these points. For example, use such evaluation criteria: E = Exceeds expectations; M = Meets expectations; B = Below expectations. With this survey, you will be able to determine the satisfaction of each manager.