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Privacy Policy

Last update: 30 June, 2022

AXTERIOR LTD (hereinafter ‘Axterior’) is a recruitment SaaS platform that allows companies and individuals to source, manage and hire best talents with less time and efforts, grow their talent pools, and improve their recruitment process. 

The following Privacy Policy provides an overview on how we collect and process personal data about you (‘visitor’)  when visiting Axterior website. 

The use of personal data collected shall be limited solely to the purpose of providing high quality services, conducting Axterior business operations (such as business development, promotion and marketing) and maintaining the proper functionality of our website.

Categories of data and purposes of their collection: 

Means of data collection

We collect visitor’s personal data:

Personal data recipients and transfers

Your personal data may be accessible to the following recipients if necessary:

Considering that Axterior provides services on the international level, the collected data may be transferred abroad. We will ensure that any such transfers are made solely in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) and other applicable data protection regulations worldwide.

Personal data storage and retention

We retain your visitor’s personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned herein. Maximum data retention period is 14 month. Still, you may submit a request for data deletion earlier from the above indicated term at any time by contacting us via email

The subject matter of such request shall be referred as follows
RE: [AXT] Data Deletion Request mm/dd/yyyy [Name, Surname]

The scope of data protection rights

We take all necessary measures for legal protection of your personal data. Thus, we would like to help in understanding the full scope of your data protection rights. You have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

Contact us

We welcome all views and comments about our website and our Privacy Policy. In case you are interested in exercising any of the mentioned above rights or would like to contact us with any requests, comments or suggestions, please send an email to

Upon your request, depending on our workload, our answer may take up to 2 (two) weeks.

Identity and address

The details of Axterior are as follows:
AXTERIOR OÜ Harju maakond, Tallinn, Nõmme linnaosa, Mahla tn 68, 11215

Privacy Policy updates

From time to time, we will update this Privacy Policy in order to comply with applicable international and national laws on data protection. In this case, we will provide a notice of any Policy changes on our website. We kindly advise you to check it for the updates on occasion.


Purpose of use

Provider’s policy

Retention term

Google, LLC; Alphabet Inc. (parent company)

Analyzing data for marketing purposes (including remarketing and retargeting) and improvement of the website.

Up to 26 months

Meta Platforms, Inc. (previously Facebook, Inc.)

Users’ ability to share information via social media. Analyzing data for marketing purposes (including remarketing and retargeting) and improvement of the website

180 days

LinkedIn Corporation

Analyzing data for marketing purposes (including remarketing and retargeting) and improvement of the website.

180 days

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