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How to build a smooth workflow in a hiring team?

Watch our educative course and learn how to build fast and effective workflow between recruiter and hiring managers at your company.

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What's this course all about?

About course:

We all know that strong collaboration between recruiter and hiring manager is vital for the success of an organization’s talent acquisition process. In this course, we are going to talk about building a collaborative workflow between recruiters, professional interviewers and hiring managers. We will share with you in detail 2 workflows which we use at Axterior and which can be useful for you.

Meet the speaker:

Valeria Zakorko

SME at Axterior 

Hi, nice to meet you! Over the past five years, I have dedicated my expertise as a Human Resources Operations Specialist within an international software engineering company. During this time, I played a crucial role in the company's remarkable growth, witnessing the team expand from 30 to 120+ members. I managed to set up the HR processes and build an efficient talent ecosystem.  

​​In 2022, I joined the Axterior recruitment platform as a subject matter expert. This role allows me to contribute my deep understanding of the industry to provide expert content that helps recruiters and colleagues gain a fresh perspective and navigate the intricacies of modern recruitment practices.

Course program:

Educational Course Lesson 1 Cover
Lesson 1: 4 questions to improve hiring process
Building a hiring workflow has to start with answering 4 questions: WHY? WHAT? WHO? HOW? Watch the first lesson and learn how these answers will help you enhance the hiring.
Educational Course Lesson 2 Cover
Lesson 2: New vacancy briefing
New vacancy briefing includes 3 required parts and 1 optional:
- Gathering the position requirements.
- Hiring flow set-up.
- Evaluation forms preparation.
- Hiring roadmap development.
Watch the second lesson to find out steps to follow to make a collaboration much better for all the participants of the hiring.
Educational Course Lesson 3 Cover
Lesson 3: Effective vacancy workflow
After watching the third lesson you will know how to build the workflow so that all the participants interact effectively with each other during the interviewing and selection activities. We would like to provide you with 2 possible hiring workflows: Waterfall and Iterative.
Educational Course Lesson 4 Cover
Lesson 4: Overview and analysis of the vacancy workflow
The last lesson shows you how to compare desired and achieved results for a deep understanding of your recruitment process.

make your hiring better with Axterior

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