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“Hiring talks“ podcast by Axterior

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Hey! Here is Axterior’s podcast "Hiring Talks" - a series of talks about HR management, recruitment, and employer branding. Enjoy 🙂

Data-driven Recruitment and TalentOps | Hiring Talks Ep.7

Today we have invited Anna, a Talent Operations Specialist from MacPaw. Our topic for today is Talent Operations and data-driven recruitment.

PR in employer branding: Interview with Boosta | Hiring Talks Ep.6

Today we have invited Anastasiia Hovorun, the Head of PR, and Alina Fedotova, the PR Manager from Boosta. Boosta is an international IT company that builds and develops digital businesses. Today we gonna talk about employer branding and the role of PR therein. Should PR and HR work together?

Hiring interns: Interview with Waveup | Hiring Talks Ep.5

Today we have invited Alyona, the Finance Team Lead from Waveup, a venture capital consulting agency. Today we’ll talk about hiring and training interns.

Hiring in remote-first company: Interview with Jooble | Hiring Talks Ep.4

Today we have invited Lena, the Outreach Team Lead, and Tanya, the Recruiter from Jooble. We decided to invite 2 guests so that we could see the hiring process from different perspectives: recruiting and team leadership. Our topic for today is international recruitment for a remote-first company. Jooble experience.

Hiring in startup: Interview with Madgicx | Hiring Talks Ep.3

Today our guest is Anastasiia, the HR Manager at the AdTech startup Madgicx. Our topic today is hiring and retention challenges in a startup. Is it possible to build a clear recruitment policy in a newly created company?

International Women's Day | Hiring Talks Ep.2

Today our guest is Oleksandra, a recruiter in an international IT company. Our conversation is devoted to International Women's Day and different related biases in the workplace.

Diversity, hiring biases, remote work | Hiring Talks Ep.1

Today our Guest is Valeria, the Subject-Matter Expert from the Axterior team. Together we’ve discussed trends and hot topics in HR in 2023: diversity, gender biases in hiring, and the switch from remote to office mode. You will also find out top movies and series about HR management.

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