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Introducing Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling

We're proud to introduce the new addition to Axterior – Interview Scheduling. Our team has developed a seamless solution that allows recruiters to schedule interviews with candidates without leaving the Axterior ecosystem.

Email Invitations

Recruiters can now send invitation emails directly from Axterior using our integration with Gmail and Google Calendar. This ensures a swift and efficient communication process. The interview invitation form, similar to our email composing form, makes the process intuitive and user-friendly.

Automatic Scheduling Link

The scheduling link is automatically generated, saving time and eliminating manual errors. Recruiters can fill in the Interview invitation form, and the scheduling link is ready to be shared with the candidate. 

Choosing Suitable Time

Upon receiving the invitation email, candidates can effortlessly choose a suitable time slot from their calendar using the provided scheduling link. This ensures a hassle-free process for both recruiters and candidates.

Tracking Events in Calendar

For Gmail users, the interview meeting is automatically created in both the recruiter's and candidate's calendars upon confirmation. This integration enhances coordination and reduces the risk of scheduling conflicts.

External Sharing

Recruiters can take advantage of the scheduling link by copying it from the candidate's profile and sharing it through various channels, including LinkedIn and other messengers. The process of selecting a time slot remains consistent, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

Try the new Interview Scheduling feature in the Advanced plan and experience the future of recruitment technology. Elevate your recruitment game with Axterior!

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