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Introducing Email Integration

Axterior is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our ATS – integration with Gmail. Now, keeping in touch with candidates has become even simpler. Say goodbye to toggling between your ATS and email – with Axterior, you can send and receive emails directly from the system.

We're committed to making the recruitment process more efficient for you, and we're excited to introduce our latest feature, email integration. We understand that staying connected with candidates is a crucial part of the hiring process, and that's why we've seamlessly integrated email into our platform.

Streamlined Communication

You can send emails to candidates directly from Axterior, eliminating the need to switch between your ATS and email. No more juggling multiple platforms, searching for email addresses, or losing track of important conversations. Everything you need is now in one place.

One Unified Inbox

The integrated email will function as one central email for your entire organization. You can send and receive emails using this unified email address, making communication more straightforward and organized. No more worrying about which email account to use when corresponding with candidates – it's all in your Axterior account.

Effortless Management

Axterior's user-friendly interface now includes a Mailbox tab, which houses both the Inbox and Sent tabs. This allows you to manage your email communication within the ATS seamlessly. Easily access received emails, sent emails, and keep a record of all your interactions with candidates.

Enhanced Productivity

By integrating your email to Axterior, you can boost your productivity and save valuable time. Focus on what matters most – building long-term communication with candidates and making right hiring decisions on-time.

Say hello to a more efficient and productive recruiting experience with Axterior. Try our email integration feature in the Advanced plan and experience the future of recruitment technology. Elevate your recruitment game with Axterior!

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