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Top 10 Recruiting Tools Sourcing in 2023

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Oct 12, 2022
Top 10 Recruiting Tools Sourcing in 2023
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In the modern job market with a candidate-driven approach, it is very important to make an effort to find the best talents.

The internet is usually chaotic. Navigating today's job market without using recruiting tools sourcing can be an impossible task. But with so many options, everyone can find the best fit.

Read on to find out and choose the best sourcing tools!


Contactout is a powerful candidate sourcing tool that hundreds of thousands of recruiters use worldwide. The solution contains over one billion profiles and contacts.

How to Work with Contactout

Contactout is a Chrome extension and one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters available on the Google Chrome web store.

The product works on top of the famous professional social networks - LinkedIn and Github and lets you find the email addresses and phone numbers of the perfect people your company needs to hire.

Using the dashboard, you can save leads in one click and access them anytime you want, organize candidates into folders, share with the recruitment team, and export to a spreadsheet or ATS in one click.

Pros and Cons of Contactout


  • Availability of free package - if you have a limited budget, you can use some basic product’s functionality for free;
  • Contactout is easy to integrate with various ATS/CRM systems;
  • The solution contains many contact data to find a pretty accurate email address.


  • It is impossible to buy a monthly subscription. You can commit only to an annual membership.


hireEZ (formerly known as Hiretual) is quite popular among sourcing software for recruiters. It is a cloud-based AI-powered platform for recruitment that can be used in numerous industries: from construction to IT.

How to Work with Hiretual

When searching for job candidates, you can add necessary data, and solution's AI will identify and rank candidates, giving you a rundown of the strongest ones. Nevertheless, the service contains candidates' contacts and social media links, so you can integrate Hiretual with your Gmail or Outlook and contact them directly from the service.

Pros and Cons of Hiretual


  • Suitable for sourcing numerous jobs in different industries, especially for specialized, hard-to-fill roles;
  • Rank candidates for each customized search request;
  • Service can be used for free with some limitations.


  • Offer only 10 free contacts per week;
  • There is no package for multiple recruiters in a company.


Being a brilliant tool for organizing internal communication in the company, Slack is also one of the sourcing tools for recruiters.

Slack lets you join many professional and fun channels on different topics to get in touch with potential candidates.

On top of that, Slack can be an effective service for managing recruitment teams and workflow.

How to Work with Slack

Companies widely use Slack to manage internal processes and organize teams, so it has quite a big community. And this can be used by recruiters: it is easy to search for a relevant channel, join, and contact the potential employee.

To start sourcing candidates in Slack, you should create an account and sign in to your workspace.

You can view the list of public channels in your workspace or use the search bar to search by channel description or name. Then, select a channel from the list to browse it.

Pros and Cons of Slack


  • The application is free to install and has a free tariff plan;
  • Slack has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.


  • People can set closed channels, so you can’t join them without approval of channel admin.


AngelList is considered an alternative to LinkedIn and is popular among job sourcing tools for recruiters who aspire to expand their professional network. 

The platform enables recruiters to perform daily operations in one place: post a job, find the right talents, and manage particular pipelines for various vacancies.

How to Work with AngelList

AngelList isn't a job board. Instead, it is a sourcing tool to find potential candidates and let them know as much as possible about your company.

Initially, you should create job postings to search for candidate profiles. After this step, you will have access to the candidate pool. Then, you can specify your search using numerous filters available on the platform.

Pros and Cons of AngelList


  • Attracting driven specialists looking for a new job is believed to be the product's main goal, so it is believed that recruiter can faster fill the job using AngelList;


  • The service is focused on remote, tech, and startup jobs. So this candidate sourcing tool might suit only recruiters in particular niches.


Shapr doesn’t belong to resume sourcing tools, it is used more for networking. The solution connects people with similar career goals and professional interests.

How to Work with Shapr

Get started by downloading the Shapr app or using its web version. Next, create a profile with basic information about yourself and choose your interests. The solution uses a machine learning algorithm to provide you with 15 suitable people to meet daily - swipe right or left to accept or decline a potential connection. Once a match is found, you can start messaging.

Shapr also allows you to join or create communities to meet people with common interests.

Pros and Cons of Shapr


  • The application is completely free to download and use.


  • You can’t find many potential candidates to make a job pipeline because the platform is focused not on job searching but mainly networking.

Advanced Facebook Search

Facebook remains the most popular social network in the world, with 2.5 billion monthly users. However, considering the vast number of profiles, searching for people can be difficult.

Advanced Facebook Search is a browser extension that belongs to the list of the best sourcing tools for recruiters. It will allow you to perform specific searches to find each person's stories, connections, photos, and interests on Facebook.

How to Work with Advanced Facebook Search

Recruiters can perform specific graphical searches while viewing profiles, as well as select potential candidates based on predefined parameters that have been specified.

Advanced Facebook Search is straightforward to use - click on the “Search” icon in the top right corner of the application and then enter some text into the search bar. An advanced search page will open, and you can select different categories to narrow your search results.

Pros and Cons of Advanced Facebook Search


  • AFS is a free sourcing tool;


  • In most cases, due to a strict privacy policy, you can’t find any candidate’s contact information. Contacts are available only if the profile's owner allows this.


The platform allows you to search for profiles on social networks. This helps recruiters create basic Boolean strings that search all public profiles using the Google search engine.

You can enter any country, title, location, education, employer, and other keywords you want to include or exclude.

How to Work with Recruit’em

Select the social network where you want to search for a candidates profiles and enter keywords in each of the corresponding fields.

If you regularly use this sourcing tool for the same profiles, you can use the saved search feature to save time on future visits.

To take the sourcing game to the next level, you can edit the Boolean string that appears in the search box.

Pros and Cons of Recruit’em


  • Full service’s functionality is free;
  • You can use generated Boolean strings with different search engines to obtain more results;
  • You don’t need to learn by heart all Boolean operators because the platform generates them automatically.


  • Sometimes you need to edit generated Boolean strings to have better results.


Axterior isn’t an initial sourcing tool. This is a professional recruitment platform that automates the whole hiring process. You can use this for structuring hiring-related activities, for example, keep the communication with job applicants in one place, automate follow-up sending, customize the job pipeline within your company, etc.

How to Work with Axterior

You can set up your organization on Axterior for a free trial period. The most convenient tool for sourcing is Axterior Chrome Extension. You can create candidate profiles right on the websites where you find them. 

Also, in recruiting tools sourcing, you can use the platform to create and manage comprehensive talent pools. The well-structured database allows for finding relevant candidates in a few minutes by filtering them by selected criteria.    

Pros and Cons of Axterior


  • Fully customizable to be fully compliant with your company hiring process;
  • Email & messengers integration;
  • Easy-to-use data health tracking.


  • If you need to maximize platform customization, you have to fill in the settings fields thoroughly. However, this will bring positive results in the future.


Recruiters are constantly on the lookout. Therefore, the more sources you use, the more likely you will find a suitable specialist. However, do not forget about the combination of quantity and quality. For a deeper understanding of how to improve your recruiting practices, explore our complete guide on creating an effective diversity strategy in recruitment.

Using recruiting tools sourcing can help you find more star candidates for your business faster. At the same time, using multiple recruiting tools, sourcing will reach a new level. So be proactive, and fortune will smile on you!

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