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How to reject candidate from the job pipeline?


Step 1 - Opening the Job pipeline page

To open the job pipeline page, log in to your account and click the Job tab in the left column. You’ll see the table of all your jobs. Due to the convenient filters, you can find the necessary job faster by filtering them by status, project, recruiter, skills, and the creation date. When you have found the required position, click thereon. You’ll get the job pipeline page.

Step 2 - Rejecting the candidate

Once you’ve opened the job pipeline page, you’ll find the list of candidates at each job pipeline stage. Rejecting a candidate is simpler than you can imagine!

Hover on the candidate you want to reject and click on the red cross (x) at the top of the icon. 

You’ll get the short rejection form where you should indicate the reason for rejection and leave an additional message. 

First, select the reason in the dropdown menu, for example, “accepted offer from another company”, “poor English level for the position”, “inappropriate behavior”, etc. Then, leave a message about the candidate’s rejection. And click on Reject to confirm the rejection of this contact.

Restoring the candidate

The contact’s profile stays in the job pipeline as rejected. Thus, you’ll be able to restore the contact profile if needed. To restore them, hover on the candidate you want to return to the job pipeline and click on Restore at the top of the icon. 

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