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How to create a new job?


Opening a new job is performed in several steps. There are persons responsible for its performance: Interviewer (Team Member), HR Manager, and Recruiter.

  • Firstly, an Interviewer creates a job request.
  • Then, an HR manager assigns this to a recruiter.
  • And finally, a Recruiter opens the job.

So, to open a new job perform the following steps:

Step 1 - Opening the job from job request 

Once Interviewer has filled all the required information in the job request and a responsible approver has accepted it as satisfactory, the HR Manager assigns a Recruiter to this job request. You can open the job with the job link sent in the automatic email or notification in the app. 

Conveniently, you can always find all your Job requests tab in the left column of the home page. There is a table of all jobs assigned to you with their statuses. 

How to create a new job illustration 1
How to create a new job illustration 2

Step 2 - Creating a new job

Once you have opened the job from the job requests, you get an editing form where you can correct the information or add some additional details.

For example, updated skill requirements or work experience.

Click Save button. The job is saved and assigned Draft status. 

Also, if you get a recruitment request from your colleagues via e-mail, you can create a new job on your own. Click Create on the job requests tab and fill in all the required information. Don’t forget to assign an approver in order to obtain the most relevant details concerning the job.

How to create a new job illustration 3

Step 3 - Assigning an Opened status

After your draft is saved, click Open button. Confirm a job’s opening by clicking Confirm button in the pop-up. The Job is assigned an Opened status! After the job get Open status you can still edit the job description. 

How to create a new job illustration 4

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