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We're excited to share a new update on the Axterior – the Interview Scheduling!

This feature enhances your interview scheduling, focusing on candidate convenience and reducing tedious back-and-forth communication and double-booking.

To start using Interview Scheduling just connect your calendar to the Axterior account. You can put all meetings with candidates in order directly in Axterior. It allows you to set up work days available for meetings, time sloths per day, meeting duration, number of meetings per day, and buffer time.
How it works:
Step 1: Setup your availability for an interview
Step 2: Choose the candidate from your contacts or in a Job pipeline
Step 3: Send an invitation to the interview with an integrated scheduling link or just copy the link for sharing via other channels of communication

What the candidate will see when clicking on the link:
1. Meeting title
2. Invitation to the interview message with a recruiter's name
3. Calendar with days to choose from
4. Available time slots converted for the candidate’s time zone depending on the chosen day
5. Confirmation button

Why recruiters and candidates will love interview scheduling:

Streamlined interview scheduling process saves time for both recruiters and candidates.
Tailored to recruiter-specific needs, scheduling links ensure its availability is aligned with the calendar.The candidate picks a convenient time slot according to his needs with no stress associated with coordinating schedules.
Displayed meeting details, durations, and buffer times provide a transparent scheduling experience.
Real-Time Updates
Any changes made by the recruiter, such as adjusting availability or modifying meeting durations, are reflected in real time on the scheduling link. Candidates are always aware of the latest interview details.
User-Friendly interface
The intuitive interface makes it easy both for recruiters to configure and manage their scheduling, and for candidates to see all the meeting opportunities.

Try Interview Scheduling in Axterior
Want to try Interview Scheduling? Enjoy a 30-day free trial — no credit card required. Start hiring smarter today with Axterior - because every click matters.

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