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Any human resource team knows how important having a strong talent pipeline is. If you want a steady flow of top-level talent for a growing organization, one must-have is applicant tracking software.

In this article, we show you how to use applicant tracking software and inadvertently build a strong talent pipeline for your organization.

Why Should Recruitment Teams Use Applicant Tracking Software?

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a tool recruiters and HR professionals use to manage the entire recruitment process. It streamlines, automates, and organizes job applications from various channels into a centralized database.

Why should companies use ATS for hiring? Studies show that nearly 99% of all Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking software. They do this mainly because of all its compelling benefits. Some of them include the following:

  • Provides Centralized Repository: With numerous applications coming in from job portals, emails, company websites, and so on, you need a centralized system. ATS provides a single platform where all candidate information gets stored for easy access.
  • Makes Screening Process Efficient: ATSs have features to screen resumes automatically. This helps recruiters sift through the vast number of applications to quickly shortlist the most relevant candidates, which could reduce recruitment costs and time spent on screening-related tasks.
  • Reduces Administrative Burden: An ATS can automate various tasks like sending acknowledgment emails, scheduling interviews, and sending feedback, ATS drastically reduces the manual and administrative work for recruitment teams.
  • Improves Compliance Management: Recruitment processes must often adhere to various regulations, especially regarding diversification and equal employment opportunities. ATSs can ensure that hiring processes are compliant, and they can store necessary documentation for audits.
  • Builds Talent Pools: Not every candidate who applies will be right for the current job, but they might be a fit for future roles. ATSs allow companies to build and maintain talent pools, ensuring potential candidates can be quickly identified when new roles open up.

Steps to Use ATS for Building a Strong Talent Pipeline

Building a strong talent pipeline is essential for any organization. With the help of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), you can streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective. Let's dive into the steps and tips on how to use ATS to fortify your talent pipeline.

Choose the right ATS

Before anything else, you need to choose an ATS that aligns with your organizational needs. Look for features you might need to solve certain operational issues or pain points. Some features you should look for include integration capabilities, ease of use, mobile accessibility, and reporting functions.

Set up job templates

Most ATS platforms allow you to create templates for different job positions, which should help save a lot of time and resources. This makes it quicker and easier to post new vacancies. Ensure these templates contain essential job details, such as qualifications, responsibilities, and benefits.

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Promote your vacancies

Use the ATS to distribute your job postings across multiple channels - job boards, social media, company websites, and recruitment agencies. The wider your reach, the more diverse and qualified candidates you'll attract.

Automate the screening processes

Set up your filters and keyword searches to help the system automatically screen resumes, selecting those that best match your job criteria. This saves time and ensures that you're reviewing candidates that fit the profile you're looking for. You can add filters like those who have finished the easiest online MBA or have the most work experience.

Maintain communication

Part of a recruitment team’s responsibilities is to communicate with candidates constantly. An ATS often comes with automated communication tools to streamline this process. Use these to send acknowledgment emails to applicants, schedule interviews, and provide feedback. This ensures candidates remain engaged and informed throughout the process.

Monitor and analyze data

Use the reporting functions of your ATS to track the success of different recruitment channels, time taken to fill positions, and other pertinent metrics. This will help you refine your strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Some Tips for Optimizing Your ATS Usage

When setting up and using applicant tracking software, try following these tips for better results:

  • Keyword optimization: Understand the keywords relevant to your hiring roles. This helps set up effective screening processes and ensure you don't miss out on top talent due to oversight.
  • Consistent data entry: Encourage consistent data entry practices. Uniform data makes it easier to search for candidates and draw insights from the system.
  • Engage passive Candidates: Regularly engage with your talent pool through newsletters, company updates, or open house invitations. Keeping passive candidates in the loop increases the likelihood they'll think of your company when they're ready to make a move.
  • Regularly update the ATS: Technology is constantly evolving. Ensure your ATS is updated regularly to benefit from new features and ensure optimum performance.
  • Training: Ensure that everyone using the ATS is adequately trained. This ensures the software is used to its full potential and reduces the chance of errors or oversight.

Does Your Company Need Applicant Tracking Software?

ATS isn't just a luxury or a tool reserved only for large corporations. Given the competitive talent landscape and the increasing importance of a streamlined recruitment process, an ATS is a necessity for recruitment teams of all sizes. It ensures efficiency, compliance, and a better candidate experience, leading to successful hires and organizational growth.

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