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How Can ATS Help You Enhance the Candidate Experience?

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Sep 12, 2023
How Can ATS Help You Enhance the Candidate Experience?
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If you've ever been on a quest to find the perfect candidate, you know that the journey can be quite challenging. The talent acquisition field is very demanding, and so are the expectations of job seekers.

Picture this: A seamless, engaging, and memorable journey for every candidate who interacts with your company. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, buckle up because we're about to explore the secrets of creating that dream experience for your candidates.

Why a Positive Candidate Experience Matters?

Candidate experience is the impression a job seeker forms about an employer and their recruitment process. The candidate's overall experience is shaped by various elements encountered throughout their journey, including:

  • How does the candidate perceive the employer's communication?
  • Were recruiters prompt in responding to candidates and their inquiries?
  • Did the recruiting team uphold professionalism throughout the hiring process?
  • Was the hiring process transparent, or were there instances of bias?

Some LinkedIn business statistics prove the role of a positive candidate experience:

  • 77% of happy candidates share it with their inner circles
  • 7% of candidates would even consider ending their connection with a company if they had a bad candidate experience
  • 11% of candidates who withdraw from the recruiting process do so because of poor communication

To put it simply, the candidate experience shapes how potential employees perceive your company, even if they don't get the job. It can determine whether they'd consider applying for another position at your company in the future.

Role of an ATS in Improving the Candidate Experience

Both small and large companies face numerous challenges that require the help of technology and automation. For example, 52% of job seekers believe the most frustrating part of job hunting is silence from potential employers.

Additionally, every second recruiter says the hardest function of recruiting is sorting candidates from a large pool of applicants.

You may ask, so what’s the deal with the ATS?

ATS is software that helps recruitment teams to manage all their routine tasks.  

Check out our blog post about the ROI of investing in the Applicant Tracking System!

Utilizing ATS isn't just a time-saver; it allows recruiter's to focus on building long-term relationships with candidates that directly affect their experience.

Thanks to the ATS, candidate experience has evolved from a transactional process into a more personalized and engaging journey. It enables recruiters to streamline administrative tasks and devote more time to meaningful interactions with candidates, ultimately fostering stronger relationships that benefit both parties. In this digital age, the ATS isn't just a software solution; it's a catalyst for a more human-centric hiring type and positive hiring experience.


What Strategies Will Maximize Your Candidate Experience Via ATS?

Ensure your job postings are clear and concise

Avoid overloading your job listings with unnecessary details. With an ATS, candidate experience is going better since you can craft job postings based on detailed job requests from hiring managers. They give recruiters all the information they need to kickstart recruitment. For an example of an effective job listing, check out our article on the human resources analyst job description.

Keep your candidates informed

An ATS makes candidate management easy! It provides a complete view of your recruitment pipeline, neatly organizing all candidate info in one place. You can easily sort and filter candidates, making it a breeze to find the best fit for each role. Remember to stay in touch with candidates throughout the hiring process for transparency.

Say goodbye to toggling between email and your ATS. With Axterior email integration feature, sending emails to candidates is now a breeze.

Make feedback a priority

Thanks to the ATS, candidate experience is improved in feedback issues, too. Use an ATS to automate follow-ups, guaranteeing candidates get timely and consistent feedback. This automation ensures no feedback gets lost and shows your dedication to clear and respectful communication during the hiring process.

Hire faster

An ATS brings big efficiency gains! It automates tasks like resume parsing and interview scheduling, speeding up the hiring process. Thus, you don't miss out on exceptional candidates lost in administrative tasks.

Measure your candidate experience

Continually improve your candidate experience with a data-driven approach. The ATS has analytics features to track key metrics like added contacts, entry rates, job statuses, and more. Use this data to make smart improvements for future applicants. It boosts your employer brand and attracts top talent.


An applicant tracking system is your secret weapon for a top-notch candidate experience, showing you care about your hires. With an ATS, candidate experience drives your hiring and leaves a lasting impression, even if a candidate isn't chosen.

We hope this blog gave you insights on using an ATS to improve your candidate management. Now, put these ideas into action and make a real impact on your recruitment process!

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