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How to add a contact profile to the database?


Adding a new contact in Axterior is easier than you can imagine. You can perform it in three steps.

Step 1 -  Opening contact base

Once you have logged in to your Axterior account, open the All contacts page in the left column of the home page. 

Step 2 - Creating a contact profile

Click Create button above the list of all existing candidates. 

You’ll have to fill in all the fields about your candidate. First and last names, education, contact info, position, qualifications, skills, etc.

We recommend you to fill carefully all the fields to have the full and relevant information. Also, you can add a profile picture in JPEG and PNG file formats by dragging and dropping your file in the Profile image section.

If you have extra important files, such as the candidate’s CV or portfolio, Axterior allows you to download files in the form or add links to social media accounts or external portfolio or CV at the end of the page.

Conveniently, you can add your notes about the candidate in the Notes field.

Step 3 - Saving information

Don’t forget to save all your changes in the top right corner. A new contact profile will be displayed among all the contacts on the All contacts page.

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