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Top HR and Recruitment News of the Year

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Dec 22, 2023
Top HR and Recruitment News of the Year
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As we bid farewell to another transformative year, it's time to reflect on the pivotal moments, groundbreaking technologies, and industry-shaping developments that have defined the HR and recruitment space in the past twelve months.

List of Top Recruitment News

AI ban

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has prohibited its employees from using AI services, including ChatGPT and Github’s Copilot, due to concerns about data-handling practices that could compromise sensitive information, such as proprietary code. Many companies are instituting similar bans over worries about how third-party AI tools store and handle shared data, with the added risk of unintentionally exposing proprietary information to other users.

Re-hiring trend

In 2023, a ZipRecruiter survey revealed that 1 in 3 people affected by layoffs were recruited by potential employers. Amid ongoing layoffs, the increased pool of job seekers provides opportunities for employers and recruiters seeking talent with relevant experience.

Legal force of emojis

Starting with a Canadian court's ruling, the thumbs-up emoji was recognized as official consent in a contract dispute. This precedent extended to a Latvian case where the court accepted the emoji as written consent in an employee dismissal complaint. To prevent confusion, it's crucial to use emojis with clarity, consistency, and an understanding of their context and common usage.

Menopause сorporate benefits

To support women in the workforce, some companies are adding menopause-specific care to their benefits.

A Mayo Clinic study found that 15% of women face work disruptions due to menopause, costing an estimated $1.8 billion annually. Similar to other expanded benefits, this includes virtual access to specialists and coverage for hormone treatments not always covered by insurance.

Negative remote experience of older employees

The Great Western Railway research highlighted a growing concern regarding the isolation experienced by older employees compared to their younger counterparts.

Workers aged 55+:

  • 77% struggle with remote work's blurred boundaries.
  • 60% returned to the office seeking structure.
  • They're twice as likely to feel lonely compared to younger workers.

Post-graduation debt

Researchers from the ECMC Group and Vice Media surveyed over 7,000 high school students about their thoughts on higher education and future careers.

  • 66% of surveyed students said they would need education beyond high school.
  • 59󠀥 said they could be successful if they didn’t get a four-year degree.
  • 65% said they would ideally learn job skills through internships or similar programs.

Paid parental leave programs

Thomson Reuters, which has 26,000 employees, announced a 16-week paid parental leave program (transitioning from 12 weeks). The global benefit grants eligible employees who are welcoming a new child into their family through birth or adoption at least 16 weeks of time off, regardless of the employee's gender, sexual orientation, or marital status. The amount varies by country.

A 9/80 work schedule

To balance workweek flexibility, some employers adopt the 9/80 schedule, granting every other Friday off while maintaining full-time status. This arrangement, known for its 80 hours of work in nine days, enhances work quality by 60% and efficiency by 70%.

Widely adopted, it could save individuals 26 days off yearly and reduce commuting costs, according to CNBC.

Salary posting impact

According to ResumeLab, four out of five workers said they are unlikely to apply to a job that doesn't provide a pay range.

  • 77% believe it should be illegal not to include a salary range in job postings.
  • 80% think employers should always explain how pay is determined.
  • 89% of those with master's degrees insist on a salary range in job postings.

Shift to a 4-day week

A successful six-month experiment with a four-day workweek across 33 companies in six countries showed great results. According to Charlotte Lockhart, co-founder of 4DWG, all 27 participating companies plan to stick with the four-day week, and almost all 495 employees want to continue it. Post-trial surveys revealed widespread benefits for everyone, from CEOs to junior employees.


As we look ahead to the future, the lessons learned from the events of this year will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of HR and recruitment practices. The role of embracing diversity, leveraging technology judiciously, and fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes both individual well-being and organizational success will continue to be pivotal.

Let this collection show how strong and creative HR and recruitment folks are. Together, we're moving into a future where we keep growing, adapting, and staying committed to building better workplaces.

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