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Offer Of Employment Email: How to Create Ideal Job Offer

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Sep 8, 2022
Offer Of Employment Email: How to Create Ideal Job Offer
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If you ask any recruitment specialist about the most exciting and thrilling part of their work, most of them will tell you about sending an offer of employment email to the selected candidate. It's a crucial moment, the final point of weeks of hard work on the vacancy. Will the perfect candidate accept your offer or reject it?   

For instance, in the United States, 17.3% of job offers—over 1 in 6—are rejected, according to Glassdoor data, reflecting a steady increase in offer rejection rates over the last few years. 

According to CareerBuilder’s survey, the most common reasons for a declined job offer are:

  • The candidate received another offer of employment (39%).
  • Compensation and benefits are not aligned with the candidate’s expectations (29%).
  • The candidate received a counteroffer from their current company (10%).

Recruiters who find themselves losing perfect candidates when the last ones decline job offers should do everything they can to prevent this from happening. The whole candidate hiring experience, from the very first contact with the recruiter to the offer receiving, matters for making the final decision. But how to make the super punch to all other competitor companies with the best offer for the candidate? 

Types of job offers

How to offer someone a job by email? First of all, remember that there are two types of Job Offers.

  • Formal Job Offers - legally binding contracts
  • Informal Job Offers - a (gentleman's) agreement between a specialist and a company to start working in an agreed time period with specified working conditions.

The second type of Job Offer is much more widespread. It's simple to prepare and modify for every candidate to make it more catchy and personal for one particular candidate. It still has some legal aspects, but its signing does not require any additional personal documents and information. It's an easy, fast, simple, and variable-making document. Let's take a closer look at this kind of Job Offer and learn how to email a Job Offer. 

How to write a Job Offer email?

Job Offer announcement

When possible, make a phone call or text personally in messenger to the candidate to tell them about the offer to join the team. This allows you to share mutual excitement and inform about Job Offer text preparation. If a candidate doesn't answer a call, leave a message with congratulations and the approximate time of sending the job offer email. 

Corporate branding

So, it's time to prepare a Job Offer document to clarify all essential aspects of future cooperation. First of all, make your Job Offer in a branded corporate style. Logotypes, brand elements, colors, and types can help you customize a document. If we're talking about an unofficial Job Offer, add a photo of the future team for introducing and melting the ice before the first meeting. 

What does a job offer email look like? 

The most common offer of employment email structure is:

- Introduction part with congratulations 

- Block with the Position title, starting date on a new position, name, and contact of the Responsible Manager for the newcomer

- Block with probation period terms, compensation, and taxes information due the trial period and after it

- Social package and benefits block with vacations and sick leaves information, health insurance details, an opportunity of company stocks obtaining, and other benefits organization will provide to the newcomer

- EVP block with non-material motivations, like internal professional development, internal job rotations, team values, working principles, corporate culture statements, etc.  

- The final part must include acceptance details with a response channel (email reply, e-signature, etc.) and a deadline to answer for an offer. Be respectful to the candidates and don’t push them with the final decision, at least for two business days. Also, don’t forget to encourage the candidate to reach out to you if they have any questions.

A Job Offer is not a contract with detailed descriptions of working responsibilities, KPIs, and OKRs (Objectives and Key results) for a role, etc. Don’t include it in your initial communication. Sort all the mandatory matters later with a Job Contract and NDA provided by the Legal department. 

An informal Job Offer is a way to finalize candidates' hiring experience and attract them to join the organization. 

Customization and personalization 

The average hiring process for one candidate starts with creating a perfect job description, sourcing and at least 2-3 interview steps: communication with the Recruitment or HR manager, Professional interview, and Managerial interview. It's about 3-5 hours of face-to-face communication with one candidate to collect information about their conception of a perfect workplace and team. Use this knowledge to customize the offer email examples and highlight essential working environment aspects to present your organization as the best fit for the candidate’s professional values and goals. For example, emphasize a high market salary and motivation bonus system to a money-oriented specialist, or remind the family-oriented candidate about perfect work-life balance and medical insurance for the family members. 


How to measure the Job Offer performance? 

Here is one more helpful recruitment data trick after receiving a candidate's reply to an offer. Start calculating the Job Offer Acceptance rate (JOA) in your organization. This is a handy recruitment metric.

How to measure the Job Offer performance? 

A low rate (i.e., <60%) shows that something is wrong with your hiring strategy. Conversely, a high acceptance rate (i.e.,>90%) can indicate a good match between your company’s requirements and the selected candidates’ experience and expectations. 

So, sending a detailed personalized job offer and receiving an acceptance letter from a candidate is crucial. 

A perfect Job offer letter email example is a recipe for success! To confirm the offer, the candidate must see a well-structured and attractive document.

We offer Job Offer email template. Feel free to use it.

However, remember to tailor the offer letter email template to the needs and requirements of your company. There are many offer letter email examples so you can mix them to create the ideal one for your organization.

How can you simplify the recruitment process?

Job offer is an integral part of the recruiter’s work. However, it requires a lot of time and effort to adjust the job offer email to each candidate and keep all the job applicants in mind. Here is Axterior that can help you to cope with this!

Axterior is the best online recruitment software. It manages your end-to-end recruitment process from sourcing to hiring. With Axterior, you can automate the process of candidate search, follow-up communication, as well as sending job offer by email. You’ll transfer your routine tasks to the online recruitment platform and build long-term relationships with potential candidates. 


Sending a job offer by email ensures the transparency of the relationship between the applicant and the company and serves as the guarantee that you understand each other correctly. Therefore, treat your job offer responsibly. We hope our advice and offer letter email template will help you create a job offer in the best possible way!

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