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In recruitment, time is of the essence. At Axterior ATS, we understand the challenges recruitment leads face daily – juggling multiple platforms, communicating with candidates, and scheduling interviews. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our latest feature: calendar integration, specifically with Google Calendar.

Key Benefits of Calendar Integration

A unified recruitment hub

Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through various platforms. Axterior ATS now seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, transforming your recruitment process into a well-oiled machine. Imagine having all your candidate data, communication, and scheduling neatly consolidated in one place.

Effortless scheduling

With our calendar integration, scheduling interviews has never been smoother. Easily check the availability of your team and candidates within Axterior ATS, and sync it directly with your Google calendar. No more toggling between tabs or applications – streamline your workflow and reclaim precious time.


Customizable reminders

Never miss an interview or important deadline again. Axterior ATS calendar Integration allows you to set customizable reminders directly in your Google Calendar. Stay organized and focused on what matters most – finding the right talent for your team.


At Axterior ATS, we're dedicated to empowering recruitment leads with tools that simplify their workflows and drive success. Our calendar integration with Google Calendar is a testament to that commitment. Join the ranks of savvy recruiters who have already experienced the transformative power of Axterior ATS.

Ready to elevate your recruitment game? Discover the possibilities with Axterior ATS calendar integration – where efficiency meets simplicity. Try Axterior for 30 days for free!

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